It's not as if they were BOTH rich.

Neville sang Evelyn the song he wrote for her.

Her desire to be a doctor spurred her on.


Rathnakumar was framed for murder.


The United States needed ten years of embargo in order to weaken Iraq.

We listen to music.

I feel like I have to be there.

I could manage to earn my living.

Visit your neighbourhood.

I said some things I didn't mean.

Barrio told me that he thinks Carlo is much prettier than Alice.

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Yvonne was lowering a heavy box with a huge crane.

I had to arrest her.

Could somebody get Adrian for me, please?

This might be a mistake.

He lost two sons in the war.

I'm afraid for his life.

Murph was replaced by Elvis.

They labored like slaves.

We must always be prepared for the worst.

Ed is an excellent pilot.

She kept the secret to herself.

Vicki isn't likely to want to come.

Did you know her personally?

We have a new head coach.

He was warned not to be late for school again.

Is there anything Clark can't do?

I have a good mind to visit the Silk Road.

Miltos took some cash out of his pocket.

Yesterday it was Sunday so I slept all day

My legs hurt because I walked a lot today.

He sent some of his men into the valley.


I can't carry this suitcase. It's too heavy.

Please give me two hot dogs with mustard and ketchup.

I just wanted to remind you to call Tahsin.

I could not believe my eyes!

This factory manufactures automobile parts.

I persuaded her to be at home.

I am glad when I speak Quechua.

Sherman took a deep breath.

I wonder what's wrong with her.


What are you two going to do today?

The postal service in this country isn't fast.

Celeste thought that the amulet would protect him from harm.

We both know that's unlikely to happen.

Your mother insists upon your accepting it.

It's easier for me to have a job than to do housework.

We had a quiz today.

This is going to hurt him.

I need to talk to Linley about what he said he would do.

Let us suppose she is here.

The dog slipped its collar without any difficulty.

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Just tell me the truth. I promise I won't get mad.


Carole slammed the van door closed.

I will give you half of my ice cream.

I hate studying.

We need a place to stay for the night.

What is the population of New York?

I'm sorry I'm so stupid.

The hungry cat scattered the trash all over the kitchen.

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Which one did you choose?

I crunch through the snow.

I've got kids, too.

What will the neighbours think?

Is that a friend of yours?


I didn't want to do it this way.

Darin wants to say something.

She's a professional photographer.

Stop filming.

I'm embarrassed I even brought it up.


My mother works as an English teacher, but she's an economist by profession.


Toby is a dab hand at cooking.

Ragnar's car has a top speed of 70 mph.

Scott wasn't there at the time.

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For Karim, she embodies the values of Bangladeshi women.

Due to unavoidable circumstances this summer I can't stay in my holiday cottage.

Do you want to hang out at my place?

We're not in Boston.

It's high time you were in bed.

Jerry has three brothers.

There's no use for plastic supermarket bags aside from putting trash in them.

In those days I tended to think of myself as a nice looking guy.

Why don't you go back to your hotel and get some sleep?


He chucked me the apple.

The blame lies elsewhere.

All I said was it's better than my boobs!

The station isn't far from here.

The firm has built up a wide reputation for fair dealing.

The road is under construction.

Don't be afraid.

Our company has a long, long history.

Snow fell in large flakes.

I've seen a couple of Kurosawa's films.

The police arrested Chet this afternoon.

I don't think this old car will make it to the top of the hill.

Keith didn't begin to play the guitar until he was thirty.

Ellen couldn't get the door to close all the way.

What are xenoglossia and glossolalia?

You should double-check that.

I've decided to stop wearing underwear.


I am an American citizen.


Garbage was everywhere.

Are you going to ask Jeanette to dinner?

She penned a tell-all memoir of her affair with the president.

Claude doesn't know what to say.

Prince Charles will be the next king of England.


I'm not worried about the meeting.

Executive departments and agencies should use innovative tools, methods, and systems to cooperate among themselves, across all levels of Government, and with nonprofit organizations, businesses, and individuals in the private sector.

I can't afford to go to the cinema twice a week.


I see you everywhere.

The occasion demands a cool head.

Why is he touring again?

Yoga can help lower stress.

But Dima would never wear the glasses. Suddenly, his body went limp and he collapsed to the floor.

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You can speak English well, can't you?

I hope they both get what they want.

Please take care of yourself.

What is life's greatest pleasure?

Guillermo runs faster than anyone else I know.


Somebody poisoned them.

Julius isn't as patient as I am.

Though young, he is an able man.

I cannot pass the matter by without making a protest.

He didn't know what to do with the extra food.

Homeroom teachers should make every effort to keep in touch with their students.

The red belt makes her black dress look even better.


Herman has got to loosen up a little.

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That's exactly what I told her.


You have to be strong.

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You will succeed in learning English.

I hope Hamilton comes over to my place today.

I should go home.

His position enabled him to do so.

Where do you plan to spend your summer vacation?

I repaired one.

Have you ever read any novels by Agatha Christie?


I'm here as a friend.

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You loaded the merchandise.


Five pitchers are to take the mound in rotation.


Which is right: Iraq or Iran?

We gotta lose the heat, step on it!

See if there's anything you can do to help Graham.


Now, Alexander can translate in Spanish.

Summer is coming to an end.

Charlene could see that Tao was about to break down and cry.

I treated him like my own son.

It is said that his mother is gravely ill.

Ahmed works in a cubicle.

It's been a terrible day.

Marius is the highest of all.

The Council slaves whipped him with their hippopotamus hide whips.

Lincoln welcomed his old political opponent.

This sweater will stand washing.

Do you speak Greek?

We'll do exactly as you suggest.

You must make a clean breast of what you saw at that time.

The former is better than the latter.

Whoever admits to his cowardice shows courage.

Did he already fall asleep?

The roof of the church needs repairs.

I've been eating the stew that we made a few days ago.


Ginny is no longer a boy.

She waved him goodbye.

Go and see if you can find him.

I'll miss this place once I leave.

Are you ready for today's game?

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I think I may vomit.

Anybody can try.

I have two nephews.